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Taxation Notes

6.3-6.4 taxation presentation notes

Chapter 4 Notes

4.1 and 4.2 Navigation Acts and Triagle Trade notes

4.1 and 4.2 notes continued

F&I War PowerPoint

4.2 Colonies government notes

4.3-American culture-great awakening Power Point

american history 4.4 notes conflicts in the colonies



Roanoke and Jamestown Notes 

roanoke and jamestown notes 2019

3.2-notes pilgrims (1) 2019


Chapters 1 &2 Notes

Chapter 1 & 2 Notes






Chapter 7.1-7.2 notes:


Revolutionary War Notes

american history Revolutionary war begins notes

american history The revolutionary war continues- declaration notes

american history Revolutionary War- war strategies notes

american history Revolutionary war- war in the south notes

Road to Revolution Notes:

The Secret Plan


Aftermath of the French and Indian War notes

Aftermath of the French and Indian War notes

Treaty of Paris Notes

Conflicts on the frontier Chapters 4-5 notes

Chapter 5 taxation notes



3.1:  Roanoke and Jamestown american history 3.1 notes

3.2: The New England Colonies 3.2 notes

3.3 & 3.4:The Middle and Southern Colonies 3.3-3.4-notes (2)

Chapter 1 &2 Incas, Aztecs and Explorers

Chapter section 2.3 2.3 american-history-2.3-new (1)

Chapter 2 (section 4) Competing for Colonies American history 2.4. Competing for the colonies ppt


executive-branch-chpt-8 2016 (3)

legislative branch

The Judicial Branch.ppt


Chapter 3 Notes

Civil War Notes:

learning targets chpt 19

american history American_Civil_War – Copy– general

american history American_Civil_War– general

american history civil war politics– politics

american history Introduction to the civil War– introduction

american history Military Strategy of the Civil War– military strategies

Chapter 12: Jacksonian America- video notes

Chapter 11 Notes:

The rise of nationalism- 11.3american history 11.3 rise of nationalism notes

Chapter 10 Notes:

american history 10.1 notes

american history 10.2 notest

american history 10.3 new notes

american history 10.4 new notes

Chapter 9 Notes:

american history 9 The First President notesppt

american history 9 first political parties notes

american history 9 Early Challenges notesamerican history 9 Early Challenges notes

american history 9 The Federalist Era notesppt